Our Fundraising Goal



 What the funding will achieve:

  • Work placement & Traineeship placements
  • One Apprenticeship place
  • One full time employee after 12 months
  • Free Workshop groups for Mencap
  • Dedicated Training space
  • Dedicated CNC floor (Mezzanine deck)
  • One 1300 x 1000 mm 150w Twin Head Laser, to accompany our three current machines
  • Update duct extraction & Filtration system
  • Update timber processing machinery

The funding will allow us to offer numerous free long-term work placements and traineeships. It will enable us to work with Mencap offering support and accessible training within a dedicated training space.

It will ensure our new team members will be working in the safest of environments by enabling us to complete our dust extraction and filtration system. In 2015, we invested in a twin turbine extraction system and we still need to fund the ducting and filtration systems.

It will create a dedicated training space and CNC floor within our current workshop making all aspects of the workshop fully accessible for training purposes.

It will allow us to invest in a fourth twin-head laser cutter which will give us the opportunity to increase our teaching and production abilities.